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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Choosing Your Wedding Gown

I am completely clueless on how to find this "amazing dress" that I will wear once in my life. I have heard this is the best part of the entire wedding planning process: choosing your wedding gown. It is your time to truly express your sense of style and personality.  Although the search for my dream wedding gown seems overwhelming, I plan on following the guidelines below to alleviate the pressure. I just want to come in to this process with an open mind, and hopefully it will be exciting and fun!


Let’s talk dresses. It's so easy to get confused with thousands of dresses to choose from. Your dress selection shouldn't be a time to panic even though there are a lot of little details that goes into dress selections, knowing your material before hand makes it a lot easier to find the perfect dress. So before you go for your dress fitting, here are a few little details you should know about the world of bridal gowns.

First things first:


Women come in different shapes and sizes. It is important to understand your body shape in order to dress yourself appropriately. This is not just in relation to your wedding gown, but also to everyday attire. There are 6 body shapes that we will discuss...

  • Apple (Inverted triangle) : This is a top heavy woman, who has a full  bust, broad shoulders and narrow hips.  Since they carry most of their weight on top, they usually have slender legs/ thighs.
  •  Boyish (Rectangle):  A boyish figure usually have an undefined waist with small to medium busts. e.g Cameron Diaz
  • Pear (Triangle): A pear shaped women usually have wide hips. They have larger bottoms and thighs and small bust. e.g Alicia Keys
  • Hourglass:  Women with hourglass figures have narrow waists with hips and bust that are almost equal size. e.g Beyonce
  • Full Figure (Apple) These are full figured women. They are voluptous. (think Queen Latifah)
  • Petite: These are smaller, shorter women they can have a boyish figure or hourglass. e.g Jada Pinkett Smith


There are six classic gown silhouettes from which most all wedding gowns are created. Here is a brief description of each type:

  • Ball Gown: A form-fitting bodice that features a small waist (natural or dropped) and a voluminous skirt with petticoats.
  • A-line: A triangle or “A” shape; a form-fitting bodice that narrows at the waist and gradually widens towards the hem with an ungathered or flat-faced skirt.
  • Empire: A high waist (under the bust line) with a straight or slight a-line skirt.
  • Sheath: A body-hugging profile defined by with darts, tucks, and seams.
  • Fit & Flare: Also known as Mermaid or Trumpet; A body-hugging shape through the hips but jets out into a fuller skirt at the knee or mid-thigh.
  • Short: Short gowns with a hem that is above or just slightly below the knee. Also available in tea-length featuring a hem at mid-calf.



       Full-figured Hourglass Shape:
We say hourglass is the most ideal shape among all these 5 because of its balanced proportions, almost same width shoulders and hips with a very defined waist, which means hourglass gets the curves on all the right places. So Hourglasses can have much more choices than other 4 ones. The only thing is to ensure that the balance is maintained and the curves are not hidden.

Ideal Styles:
Almost all styles can be fine. But corset Mermaid/ Trumpet will especially flaunt your figure;
Low-necklines like V-neck and strapless could all be great choices;
Dress in soft fabric which can really accentuate and flow with your curves;
Add belt on your dress around the thinnest part of your waist to bring out the best.
A-line style. 

Like Empire or Ball Gown, dress styles may add weight to either half of your body.

Triangle Pear Shape:
This is the body shape that your hips wider than the shoulders, like the pear. We can also call it triangle shape. So the hint for this body shape is downplaying your hips and drawing attention up to your shoulders and bust.

Ideal Styles:
The best choice may be Ball Gown, which featured in embellished fitted bodice and full skirt which will enhance the bust and also disguise your fuller hips, so that people can have focus on all your charming side;
Empire, Off-the-Shoulder, these designs flatter, as they will highlight the upper part of the body.
Mermaid/ Trumpet and sheath will make people easily draw attention to your bottom.

Apple Shape:
This is a top-heavy shape when the top half is bigger than bottom part, if you have full chest, hip and flabby tummy with little waist definition, which make torso look rounded. For girls featured in this body shape, the tip is obscuring heavy top and show off your slim limbs.

Ideal Styles:
Low necklines like V-neck and Sweetheart, it’s a great way to highlight the bust and keep eyes away from your tummy, keep the balance and create slim appearance;
Empire and A-line silhouette, a right Empire will de-emphasize the waist and obscure the tummy while A-line almost looks great on almost all body shapes;
Short length dress like Tea-length and knee length are amazing, we said Apples have confidence to show off your slim limbs;
Detailed Design like asymmetrical cut dress hem, ruched and pleated designs or embellished details on shoulder, neckline or sleeves area. 

Spaghetti straps may cut into your shoulders;
Dresses with many details on bodice will draw too much attention to your midsection;
Mermaid/ Trumpet will enlarge your widest part.

Inverted Triangle Shape:
If you have the shape that is wider on the top of your body, with hips narrower than your shoulders, then you are definitely an Inverted Triangle. We say this body type lacks curves, so trying to add balance and proportion, so that people will draw attention away from your shoulder-line.

Ideal Styles:
A-line, Empire and Ball Gown, they all have flare hem so that accentuate the small waist and also add volume to the narrow waists and hips;
Necklines like U OR V will also help slim down the upper half and add the needed sense of balance;
Dresses with wider straps to narrow your wide shoulders;
Add details such as embroidery, beading, pleats or ruffles to create curves around your bottom;
Wear a belt to force the eye downwards. 

Stay away from strong details on shoulders, such as Off-The-Shoulder neckline;
Or select neckline has embroidery around;
Puffed Cap sleeves will also draw attention to your wide shoulders, so think carefully.

Straight-Lined Rectangle Shape:
We want say this kind of like ideal shape Hourglass, your shoulders and hips are still about the same width but, without the very defined waist, just in straight line, so we have the hint for the Straights, create your waist curves.

Ideal Styles:
So styles with curves, think about it, then we have a list of ideal options: Empire, A-line, Mermaid and Ball Gown;
Strapless, V-neckline, Scoop, sweetheart and One-shoulder, all of them can draw attention upwards;
Also wrap a belt around your waist will definitely add shape to your straight line;
Use eye-catching designs like Ruffle and Ruching. 

Sheath and Dropped Waist silhouette will make you look boxy.


The right neckline can make or break your look regardless of what kind of dress you are interested in. Use the following breakdown to guide you in your search for the perfect wedding dress.
  • Bateau: This neckline sits right at or slightly above your collarbone and is one of the most elegant of all. Not everyone can pull this neckline off, so if you can then go for it.
  • Halter: This style of neckline wraps up around your neck and is typically accompanied by a plunging v-neck in front. A halter wedding dress is ideal for women with dancer shoulders that don’t slouch.
  • One-Shoulder: One of the more fashion forward designs, this style neckline leaves one bare-shoulder, so make sure you do some arm-weight training to tone up those arms for the big day.
  • Scoop: This neckline is a classic U shape that’s nothing short of elegant and, depending on the style of the rest of the dress, can be very conservative.
  • Strapless: One of the sultriest of all necklines that is ideal for women with a prominent collar bone. A fantastic beach wedding dress neckline, since more skin will be exposed, letting your skin breathe under the hot sun.
  • Sweetheart: An open neckline that sits approximately two inches inside the shoulder line and is shaped like a heart (think Betty Boop). This style neckline fits well with tea-length wedding dresses.
  • Square neckline: This neckline has a classic square-shaped cut and is perfect for more formal dresses. If you’re searching for winter wedding gowns, consider choosing this neckline.
And there you have it ladies! A crash course on how to choose the perfect wedding dress!

I also found this awesome app that I have to share for all my Iphone using brides called "Wedding Dress Look Book by The Knot". I plan on using this useful gadget to browse wedding dresses, I know it will be very helpful!


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