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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY- How to make your own gold candelabra

I have been working on creating the perfect centerpiece for my wedding, I made a previous post about using candelabra's to cut floral costs for the reception. So.... in the spirit of DIY, I ordered this candelabra from Save On Crafts (2 for $49 each) to see if I could use it to create a beautiful sample centerpiece....

 Now, it was pretty in white but since my color scheme is Blush, Champagne and Gold I decided to make it gold! I went to Micheal's and purchased an Antique Gold Metallic Finish spray paint (see below) and went to work!

I used a base primer and then applied the gold spray paint, check out the before and after pictures below

And these are the candelabras all dressed up in 2 sample centerpiece's I put together!

 As you can see, you can create amazing looking centerpieces on a budget, I cut back costs by buying a cheaper white candelabra and staining it to the color I wanted (gold ) which would have been a lot pricier. But I still get the desired gold effect! Now doesn't that tickle your DIY senses.



  1. Hi Juliette! I am soooooo thrilled to have come across this information!! These are pretty much EXACTLY the type of centerpieces I want and was iffy about the cost. Your DIY is genius and I can't wait to order a candelabra and make my own! I have one question, though. How did you attach the flower arrangement to the top of the candelabra? Thanks!


    1. Hi Irene!! Glad you came across my blog, thanks for the comment! I am glad this is useful to you, I have lots more DIY stuff I am working on so stay tuned!

      Ok so to answer your question...I use styrofoam balls. These come in different sizes, and you can pick them up at Michaels or any craft store for super cheap. Now I used styrofoam balls because the flowers were silk flowers, so what you do is detach the head from the stem of the flower (cut it with scissors, leave some stem enough to stick in the styrofoam ball), and stick it into the styrofoam ball, now sometimes it might not stay in so you can use a but of glue so the flowers stay in the ball and then just fill in the whole ball.

      Once that is done, you attach to the top of the candelabra, you can also add some glue to the base of the ball for peace of mind to make sure it doesnt fall off the top of the candelabra.

      If you are using fresh flowers, you will have to get a floral foam ball, soak them in water and then stick the flowers in to make the arrangement.

      Hope that helps!