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Monday, June 3, 2013

Metallic Gold +Mini Apples= Great DIY "Seating" Chart

This DIY project is a good one, it is a fall-inspired way to display your reception seating chart! These mini-apple name cards can even serve as simple take-home favors for your guests.This is perfect for the rustic bride who loves alternative ideas. Culled from The Knotty Bride, DIY genius Renee Hong


What you’ll need:
- Mini apples
- Rub ‘n Buff (in Classic Gold)
- Metal letter stamps
- Black ink pad
- Log slice
- Old sock or cloth or cotton pad (I used makeup pads)

Step 1:
Using your old cloth/material, apply the Rub n’ Buff by, well, rubbing and buffing it onto your mini apple. A little goes a long way, so start with a small size and gradually work it in to cover the entire surface area of your apple. Once covered, allow to dry for an hour or so.

Step 2:
Use the metal letter stamps to deboss names around the top of the apple. If you don’t already have one, metal letter stamping sets are not very expensive (I got mine for $10) and are perfect for small, precise lettering.

Step 3:
Stamp the table number around the edge of the wood surface using the same metal letters. Place apples atop according to their table assignments and you’re finished!

So Unique! It can be used for Thanksgiving dinners, or any other family gatherings. What do you think?


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